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Pre-order A Beautiful Exchange 

Order Your Beautiful Exchange 

Quay’s divinely inspired memoir will take you on her journey from brokenness and loss to victory and joy. With practical applications and powerful teaching, you will discover how to make your own beautiful exchange of sorrow and pain for God’s immeasurable more.



• Become better, not bitter by surrendering your pain to God.

• Experience a closeness with your Creator that you never imagined possible.

• Overcome fear and anxiety by choosing to be thankful in every circumstance.

• Anticipate a “happily ever after” as you recognize God isn’t yet finished with your story.

 Quay blends her stories from excerpts of her personal journals, prayers and scriptures as she takes you on her journey. Your heart will sink as you read about the tragic events that happened to her, however, her story doesn’t end there. She explains how God changed her from a woman who was “blown around like the waves on the sea” into a solid rock—and a beacon of hope for women everywhere.

Quay teaches us how she used her brokenness to surrender completely to God's will, seeking His truth, listening for His voice, aligning her thoughts with God, and receiving His peace in every circumstance of life. You will be forever changed by her amazing, triumphant story of courage and God’s unending pursuit of your beautiful exchange.

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