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About The Book

Would you like to move past your anger, hurt, disappointment, loss, or an overall feeling of hopelessness? Even more, would you like to exchange it all for something beautiful? You can. And this book will show you how.

Quay Ball understands what it’s like to want to give up in the moment. Yet she pressed through and discovered that what felt like the end of her life was actually God’s gift to her of a new beginning. In her riveting story of discovering her first husband’s double life and then suffering a devastating car accident that took the life of her toddler and left Quay's body broken and shattered, she transparently shares how she was completely healed and overcame multiple layers of loss. Through her triumphant story, Quay will help you discover that you can too.


About Quay

Quay is a breakthrough coach whose passion is to bring women into a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and help them overcome their adversities. She has more than 10 years' experience as a spiritual mentor and women's prayer group leader.

Quay helped grow and refine Healed Heart Encounter in Oceanside, CA, an in-depth experiential ministry that guides women through the healing of anxiety, loss, stress, divorce, and a number of issues that keep them from moving towards a life of wholeness. 

Quay has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with kindergarten/early childhood endorsement and taught in public schools in Florida until three unexpected tragedies turned her life around and set her on a new course: 

• The discovery of her first husband’s double-life and divorce 

• The loss of her young daughter in a tragic car accident

• Years of physical, occupational, and emotional therapy as a result of the accident that crushed her body

As a trauma survivor, Quay uses her experience of complete healing and intimacy with Christ to help others heal from their wounds physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She hosts a weekly “Hour of Power” in her home, guiding women through posturing themselves in scripture, sharing God stories, and praying for one another.

Quay's vision is to offer retreats, seminars and workshops that emphasize exercises, experiences, and prayer so women understand their identity, authority, and destiny as a bride of Christ.

She and her husband, Chip, have been married 17 years and reside in Carlsbad, CA. Together they have six children (one now in heaven), and two grandchildren. She is also the owner of Story Brooke Cottage, a beautiful and enchanting vacation rental in Carlsbad, which is dedicated to the story of her daughter, Avery Brooke.


You turned my wailing into dancing;
   you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,


-Psalm 30:11

Quay’s tragic story of loss was exchanged for a beautiful new blended family, loving husband and newfound path to help women become Victorious in Christ

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"If you struggle with questions about why your life has turned out as it has, or if you just need to be reassured that God has a higher purpose for all you have been through, Quay's book is a must-read. Her amazing story of overcoming through the grace of God, and her biblical insights on prayer and posturing oneself before God, will convince anyone that God knows what He's doing when He allows the unthinkable and He knows how to get us to our happily-ever-after."   

Cindi McMenamin, National Speaker, Bible teacher and author of 17 books including When Women Walk Alone, When God Sees Your Tears, and When a Woman Overcomes Life's Hurts. 

“You can have a beautiful life beyond the pain of your past! The message of Quay’s book and her powerful testimony is: “You may be broken, but you do not have to stay that way.” Quay’s writings and revelation around her own journey to healing will resonate with and impact many.”

~ Leanne Matthesius, Founder & Director of Cherish Women's Ministry, Awaken Church San Diego

 “Your Beautiful Exchange serves as an anointed guide for navigating the harshest and most challenging of life’s traumas. Quay weaves her own experiences of severe loss, betrayal, and abuse with God’s pervasive love and constant provision. Each one of us experiences the dark night of the soul. You will likely find yourself somewhere in her story when you, too, have walked through very difficult seasons and have struggled to find purpose and healing for your heart. The big blessing in Your Beautiful Exchange is how Quay not only pulls you into her captivating world, but also provides solid tools for you to overcome your own personal trials, move forward, and ultimately, enjoy a life of loving and thriving. Once you start reading, you won’t want to stop!”

~ Linda Breitman, Speaker & Author of The Real You & Miraculous Identity

This is a powerful piece of writing, a must read.  A divinely inspired work filled with hope, surrender and strength.  Quay’s book provides a blueprint for walking through challenging times in faith, knowing full well what it means to be guided by His spirit and enveloped in His love. Her story will encourage those in darkness by sharing biblical truths and principles directly from scripture. You will be forever changed by her amazing story of courage and her clarity of God’s role in all circumstances that defy human understanding. 

~ Cathy Fitzpatrick, Business Coach and Loan Mortgage Consultant

Quay takes you on a journey and weaves her story of a broken marriage, broken heart, broken dreams, and broken body into a beautiful exchange of God's faithfulness, love and his unending pursuit of what is good and kind.  The story of your life is not over.  There is more and it is good.  

~ Sheri Epps, Ministry leader and business professional.

Reading this book is heart-wrenching, but her story isn't about her tragedy, it's about how God changed her from a woman who was "blown around like the waves on the sea" to a "rock" on which she will continuously proclaim His Glory.  Quay shares with us and teaches us how she used her brokenness to surrender completely to His Will, seeking His Truth, listening for His Voice, learning how to recognize confusion from the enemy, aligning her thoughts with God, and receiving His Peace in every circumstance of life. 

~ Andrea Grubbs, Independent Advanced Director for THE PAMPERED CHEF.

I could never imagine going through such loss, let alone going through such a beautiful healing transformation trusting God and His purpose. Quay has written a true beautiful exchange and is an inspiration to many with her story and faith in God Almighty.

~ Sandi Star, HHP, CNC Holistic Practitioner,

Clinical Nutritionist, 

Author of Beyond Gluten – A Healing Transition 

Founder of Sandi Star Wellness

This memoir is a spell-bound page turner that will take you on a journey of healing, self-discovery and into a stronger relationship with God. The beautiful story will wake you up to cherish life more and gives biblical tools and reminders for who God made you to be!

Christine Gail, Best-Selling Author of Unleash Your Rising,

Story Breakthrough Strategist, Book Publishing Coach.

Your Beautiful Exchange is a powerful story of a mothers love and Gods amazing miracles! Quay eloquently shares her story of perseverance as she experiences unforeseen life changing tragedies. Through the power of Christ and love for her children, Quay has beautifully exchanged her pain for joy! I know your daughter is smiling up above and is extremely proud of you as I am! 

Tiffani S. Patlan Author of Unlocking Your Ability to Heal

Your Beautiful Exchange is truly written from the depths of Quay’s heart.  Even though your own circumstances may be entirely opposite, this book will bring joy, healing, understanding, and answers to many shared questions of the true meaning and purpose of life. These words of hope will uplift, inspire and challenge even the hardest of hearts!

Marilyn Sue, Harpist 

 “This book is a must read for anyone coming out of the pain of abuse, betrayal, loss, and fear of a lost future. It is truly a testimony of God’s faithful and miraculous provision in every area of our lives. His love and healing in His process shows the power of His promises and the access by faith in everything provided through the redemption in His salvation for us. Quay has stepped into a determination hand in hand with our Savior of true Life after Loss, receiving ‘all things new.’ I am a stronger believer and so encouraged by her powerful message.”

~ Pam Strickler, Pastor at Awaken Church, San Diego, CA

 “Quay’s story and transparency will move and inspire you to bring everything you’ve been through and are currently experiencing to the feet of Jesus. She holds nothing back in her personal account of how God redeems and restores. You can find a beautiful message of hope written in this book. I highly encourage readers to go on a journey with Quay and find the Beautiful Exchange in their lives!”

~ Pastor Linda Smith, Awaken Church

“ This is indeed a beautiful exchange, your pain for His peace. Through Your Beautiful Exchange, readers will find a pathway to this freedom and peace, in addition to learning strategies and techniques to be equipped for the future of living a life of victory. Healing is a process we all must go through to gain our full authority as a child of God.”

~ Mikala Hubbard, Regional Pastor and Executive Generations Pastor at Awaken Church, San Diego, CA


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